Constitution Translated for Kids

Winner of the “Mom’s Choice Award” and a “Best Books Award,” is a simple, widely acclaimed, non ideological translation of the entire U.S. Constitution, side-by-side with the original 1787 text.  Teachers hail the accompanying free Teacher’s Guide, and a Toolkit as extraordinary resources to offer lessons on Constitution Day in September.


This is a series of short videos (most under 2 minutes) about different aspects of the Constitution. Feel free to use these in your classroom for Constitution Day, September 17. Ads jump up every few videos, but you can skip them in a few seconds.

1 – CONSTITUTION DAY: Author Cathy Travis, Constitution Translated for Kids

2 – WRITING THE CONSTITUTION: Constitution represents the highest rules in the land.

3 – POWER SHARING: Founders divided government into Congress, President and Judiciary. 

4 – PRESIDENTS, CONGRESS: Congress has two parts: House of Representatives and Senate.

6 – RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES OF CITIZENS: Voters decide our national journey every time we vote for a Congress … and select a president. 

7 – FAITH: Founders knew religious liberty works only if the government stays out of religion. 

8 – OTHER RIGHTS FOR CITIZENS: Privacy is protected in the 4th Amendment. The 14th Amendment says if you are born here, you are automatically a citizen.

9 – CLOSE: The Constitution is our only common birthright as Americans.


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