Children's Books :

Constitution Translated for Kids : winner of the “Mom’s Choice Award” and a “Best Books Award,” is a simple, widely acclaimed, non ideological translation of the entire U.S. Constitution, side-by-side with the original 1787 text. Teachers hail the accompanying free Teacher’s Guide, and a Toolkit as extraordinary resources to offer lessons on Constitution Day in September.

Color Me Constitutional : Kids are never too young to introduce them to the concepts that bind us as Americans. Color Me Constitutional is a coloring book that walks young children through the history of the Constitution and the essence of why it is important


Where Will You Throw Your Stone? Unicorns Rainbow and Pappy fish and talk about about the future, about the ripples Rainbow will make in the world, and where she will throw her stone – or what she will do with her life.


Life in the Fridge : When the light goes off in the refrigerator, a family of colorful, familiar items spring to life, sitting down to the dinner table. Young Musty (the mustard) laughed at a kid that day, and then endures his family’s anger for making fun of the new kid. Musty struggles with what to do to keep from going rotten in the fridge.


Road to Bethlehem : Mary and Joseph’s perilous, 90 mile journey to Bethlehem takes them from the Galilean highlands, to the Jordan River Valley, through the mountains and forests, to Jerusalem, and then on to Bethlehem. The story offers a very human look at Mary and Joseph, and shows the long road Jesus’ parents took at the beginning of the greatest story ever told.

Who Lives at the Zoo? : Going to the zoo? Or can’t get to a zoo? This gives children a preview of what they might see at the zoo. It is real pictures, nearly all of animal mothers and children, all non-threatening images of the animals seen at a zoo. This child friendly book has vibrant full color images to offer a close-up look at exotic zoo animals. The pictures will grab your child’s attention and engage their imagination.

Whales Going People Watching : A family of humans board a boat to go whale watching upon the vast ocean. Not far away, in the ocean, a family of humpback whales, set off on a “people watch.” Both species of mammals learn more about each other.




Constitution Translated for Kids