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Reunion (novel):  The kidnapping of a young American Peace Corps Volunteer sets in motion an international security crisis in Azerbaijan.

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Elected (novel), Inaugurated after a bitter recount in Florida following the 2000 presidential race, President Hal Cord leads an angry and divided nation.  ELECTED follows the Cord administration through political cat fights with Congress, the race to prevent al Qaeda attacks, and their success and mistakes on the international and domestic fronts.  

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Remember Who You Are  is a novel about the childhood of a Supreme Court Justice, set in northeast Arkansas, that tells a story about neighbors and a murder in the turbulent South of the late 1960s, in the midst of the Civil Rights era. 

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Choices (short story)

Story of a fictional 2016 presidential race with three major candidates on the ballot, an unresolved election … and its constitutional twist.

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Target Sitting is a heartbreakingly candid journal written when Travis was a Capitol Hill staffer. Beginning the week after the 2001 attacks – TARGET SITTING carries readers through that heart-pounding day, the anthrax attack on the Hill, and the full body shudder associated with working at the seat of government in the ensuing years. Target Sitting is a stark look at life in the target that al Qaeda missed in 2001.

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Manifesto: Staffing Capitol Hill  is a candid and detailed overview of what every employee in a Capitol Hill office needs to know about how to be an ideal congressional staffer.

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Remarkable Journey (non-fiction), the life and times of former Congressman Solomon P. Ortiz

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Children's books 


Constitution Translated for Kidswinner of the “Mom’s Choice Award” and a “Best Books Award,” is a simple, widely acclaimed, non ideological translation of the entire U.S. Constitution, side-by-side with the original 1787 text.  Teachers hail the accompanying free Teacher’s Guide, and a Toolkit as extraordinary resources to offer lessons on Constitution Day in September. 

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Where Will You Throw Your Stone?

Unicorns Rainbow and Pappy fish and talk about about the future, about the ripples Rainbow will make in the world, and where she will throw her stone – or what she will do with her life.

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Whales Going People Watching

As a family of whales goes on a “People Watch” to learn about human mammals, a family of humans gets on a boat to see – and learn about – nature’s giant mammals: humpback whales.

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Life in the Fridge

When the light goes off in the refrigerator, a family of colorful, familiar items spring to life, sitting down to the dinner table. Young Musty (the mustard) laughed at a kid that day, and then endures his family’s anger for making fun of the new kid. Musty struggles with what to do to keep from going rotten in the fridge.

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Road to Bethlehem

Mary and Joseph’s perilous, 90 mile journey to Bethlehem takes them from the Galilean highlands, to the Jordan River Valley, through the mountains and forests, to Jerusalem, and then on to Bethlehem. The story offers a very human look at Mary and Joseph, and shows the long road Jesus’ parents took at the beginning of the greatest story ever told.

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Who Lives at the Zoo?

Going to the zoo? Or can’t get to a zoo? This gives children a preview of what they might see at the zoo. It is real pictures, nearly all of animal mothers and children, all non-threatening images of the animals seen at a zoo. This child friendly book has vibrant full color images to offer a close-up look at exotic zoo animals. The pictures will grab your child’s attention and engage their imagination.