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Cathy Travis worked on Capitol Hill for 25 years as a communications director, senior advisor and political consultant for various Members of Congress until her early retirement. A native of Jonesboro, Arkansas, Travis graduated from Arkansas State University and resides in Washington, D.C.

Her first book, the award-winning Constitution Translated for Kids, continues to be hailed by partisans in all major political parties as an even-handed, non-ideological rendition of the founding U.S. document.

Travis herself has been a registered Independent for over a decade.

Since 2008, she has been writing books full time, publishing:  Target Sitting (nonfiction), Remember Who You Are (novel), Elected (novel), Reunion (novel), Remarkable Journey (nonfiction/biography) and Manifesto: Staffing Capitol Hill (nonfiction).

On digital publishing
“Like Gutenberg’s printing press made books available to everyone for the first time, digital books now make publishing available to all authors for the first time,” said Travis.  “Today story tellers connect directly to readers – minus agents, publishers, printers, distribution and personal connections with thousands of booksellers.”

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